Having trained as a counsellor at Birkbeck, University of London and with the CPCAB I soon began to see that counselling could be quite limiting in its offerings and often required waiting for the client to be in severe mental distress before it was initiated. However, with common mental health problems, such as stress, anxiety and depression on the rise I strongly believe that many people can benefit from coaching to help them identify the causes of their problems, identify goals to help alleviate or resolve these and to help clients enact purposeful, positive change in their lives.

Before training as a life coach I have worked in hospitality, higher education and the legal sector so I am familiar with the high pressure of these environments. However, I also understand the need for change. 

I have a particular interest in mental health and work with clients on a one-to-one basis to help increase their overall wellbeing with a particular focus on stress management, overcoming anxiety and issues around self-esteem. 

I also specialise in helping clients overcome procrastination, I have extensive experience working with students and have achieved great results which translate into my client's personal and academic lives.